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Stable Growth

The Arts & Business Council of Rhode Island developed Stable Growth--Organizational Development Series as a way to focus on issues that impact a significant segment of the arts and cultural community.  Through organizational and professional development workshops and discussions, this program highlights best practices and case studies and facilitates discussion among a diverse network of mentors and colleagues.  The program was created for the benefit of arts and cultural nonprofit mangers, board members, and operational and artistic staff.  Stable Growth is ultimately dedicated to addressing the systemic problems that limit the arts and cultural community's ability to grow, thrive and contribute to the broader community.

Each year Stable Growth will focus on a broad theme and sponsor speaking programs, interactive workshops, focus groups and other hands-on methods to provide workable tools to participants.  The theme for 2002 was "Strategies for Encouraging Diversity Through Outreach and Inclusion." The programs held in conjunction with that year's series focused on reaching out to diverse audiences; accessing resources of unfamiliar sectors; attracting staff and board members from different cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds; and serving the community as a whole.  Our purpose was to provide participants with strategies that help identify needs, broaden perspectives, and highlight collaborative connections through a focus on community outreach and inclusion. The May 2003 theme is "Arts and Business Partnerships: Doing Good is Good for Business."

We intend the Series to begin each year in the spring with a day-long intensive event and continue throughout the year with follow-up sessions, e-news communications, and programs that reflect the interests and progress made during the initial event.

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