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National Arts Marketing Project 2002 - 2003

   Arts Marketing 202: Beyond the Basics
    PRESENTER: Deborah Obalil, Executive Director, Alliance of            
                          Artists' Communities

No matter what you create, perform, exhibit, play or do, you need an ever-expanding base of supporters who contribute to or participate in your programs. This series of workshops delved deeper into understanding your current audience, targeting new audiences, and developing and presenting a message that effectively reaches those new audiences/supporters. These workshops built on the Arts & Business Council of RI's Fall 2002 "Arts Marketing 101" series.  This series took a more advanced look at some of the marketing concepts and tactics covered in 101.

Part I: Market Research - Who's out there? Who's in here?
February 25  9:00 am - 1:00 pm
The most important part of successful marketing is knowing who your audience/supporters are. This workshop details the different ways you can collect information on your audience and how you can use this information to make smart marketing decisions through target segmentation. You will learn how to develop an audience survey that will get you the results you want. You will also learn how to interpret Scarborough Research - a service that provides region-wide or neighborhood specific information about the lifestyle and habits of your target audience.  

Part II: Generational Marketing
March 24  9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Today, the American Marketplace can be divided into four distinct generations: Matures, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y. Experiences that shaped their value systems, responses to media, and their overall outlook on life make these segments very different from each other as consumers. This workshop will outline characteristics that define each generation and illustrate how this affects arts participation and buying habits. You will leave the workshop with important insights and tools to increase attendance from all four generational segments.

Part III: Making the Message Stick - The keys to good creative development.
April 22 9 am - 1 pm
Now that you know who you need to reach and what they need to hear, it's time to craft a message that sticks with them! You will leave this workshop with a better understanding of how to create marketing materials that your target audience will be inclined to read. For this session, a professional graphic designer and an experienced copywriter will join Deborah in highlighting essential design principles and techniques for crafting a persuasive and clear message. They will use real-life examples to illustrate how to avoid pitfalls and ask you to share your own materials for critique. 

     Deborah Obalil is a nationally recognized expert in marketing the arts. Last fall she lead A&BC/RI's workshop series "Arts Marketing 101" to rave reviews. In addition, her responsibilities as Executive Director of the Alliance of Artists Communities put her in touch with all aspects of leading a national arts nonprofit.
     Prior to joining the Alliance, Deborah directed the Arts Marketing Center of the Arts & Business Council of Chicago. As Director, she presented an intensive marketing training designed specifically for arts organizations; consulted with individual arts organizations on issues of audience development and earned income; and directed all research projects undertaken by the Center.

     Deborah presents seminars across the country on numerous topics including marketing planning, generational marketing, marketing research, public relations, and customer service. She has presented for such organizations as the Association of Performing Arts Presenters, Chamber Music America, the National Alliance of Musical Theatres, Business Arts Council of San Francisco, and ProArts in Pittsburgh.

     She was a leader in the Chicago arts community for over 5 years as a marketing strategist and media relations specialist. She has been on the faculty at the school of the Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia College Chicago, and is currently visiting faculty at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Arts Marketing 101 -  Tools of the Trade
PRESENTER: Deborah Obalil Executive Director, Alliance of Artists' Communities

Part I: Who Are We? Where Do We Want To Go?
September 25th, 2002-- 9 am - 1 pm
Begin at the beginning. This session will cover the basics on how to better understand your own organization and where to look to increase your base of support. You will learn how to do a situation analysis -- identifying mission/vision, competitive analysis, SWOT analysis -- and target segmentation. (This session includes learning exactly what these terms mean.)

Part II: How Will We Get There?
October 22nd, 2002-- 9 am - 1 pm
This part of the series will cover choosing who to target, setting objectives, branding your organization and selecting strategies. This session will also assist you with analyzing your 'product', 'price' and 'place'.

Part III: Getting there.

November 26th, 2002-- 9 am - 1 pm
The final workshop will wrap up the process by looking at implementing the marketing strategies you have been developing over the course of the series and will include: promotions & communications strategy, action planning, budgeting, and tracking & evaluation. 

National Arts Marketing Project 2001 - 2002

May 22, 2001
TOPIC: "Blueprint For Building Audiences - How To Write A Marketing Plan"
PRESENTER: Julie Peeler

October 12, 2001
TOPIC: "Intelligent Market Research - Critical Elements for Growth and
PRESENTER: Donald Keinz

November 15, 2001
TOPIC: "Finding New Audiences - Attracting Lighter Users of the Arts"
PRESENTER: Deborah Obalil

February 26, 2002
TOPIC: "Mission/Vision Through the Looking Glass - Is Who You Are and What You Do Reflected Throughout Your Organization?"
PRESENTER: Sally Zinno

March 26, 2002
TOPIC: "Media Cultivation - A Strategic Approach"
PANEL: Ann Hudner, Moderator

April 30, 2002
TOPIC: "Identity & Branding - Positioning Yourself in the Market"
PRESENTER: Julie Peeler

* May 21, 2002
TOPIC: "Programming For Diverse Audiences - Community
Outreach/Community Reaching In"
PRESENTER: Donna Walker-Kuhne


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