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Volunteer for the Arts!
NEXT TRAINING NOVEMBER 4th, 5th, AND 6th, 2003

The Arts & Business Council of Rhode Island is looking for the best and the brightest business executives with a passion for arts and culture and an interest in making a difference to join Business Volunteers for the Arts (BVA) consultancy program. 

The BVA program offers professionals the opportunity to use
their skills to make a significant impact on an arts organization while broadening personal and professional horizons.   It challenges individuals to apply their expertise in new ways and introduces participants to new people and experiences.  BVA volunteers also have the chance to expand their professional contacts through social and networking events sponsored by A&BC/RI.

Each year, A&BC/RI trains a select group of business professionals to serve as volunteer management consultants.  The BVA training program is designed to educate volunteers in the basic components of nonprofit arts management and in the art of effective consulting.  Once trained, BVA consultants work directly with a nonprofit arts organization on a short-term or long-term project that matches their skills and interests with the organization's needs.

Volunteers devote a minimum of one year of service to the BVA program.  Most choose to give an average of three years because they find it such a rewarding experience.  In 2002 alone, the BVA program provided 3800 hours of consultants' time, valued at over $627,000, to 40 Rhode Island arts organizations.

Current volunteers cite many reasons for getting, and staying involved:  the challenge of applying their business skills in new and interesting ways; the opportunity to develop and strengthen their leadership and interpersonal skills; the competitive advantage they have over others in the workplace; and the reward in knowing they've made a difference in the management and vitality of a Rhode Island arts/cultural group by sharing their talents and expertise.

Candidates should have three years of upper/middle management experience.  Expertise is being sought in the areas of:

  • Marketing & public relations;
  • Computers & technology;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Fundraising & development;
  • Accounting/financial management;
  • Website & graphic design;
  • Legal (especially nonprofit issues);
  • Organizational development; and
  • Economic research/feasibility studies.

Volunteers participate in a three-evening training session.


One of the things that sets the BVA Consultancy Match Program apart from other volunteer service programs is our required orientation for new volunteers.  The BVA training program is designed to educate volunteers in the basic components of nonprofit arts management and in the art of effective consulting.  While you already possess specific skills, the training prepares you to use these skills effectively within non-profit arts organizations.  We train you how to be a consultant in the non-profit arts environment by walking you through likely scenarios you could face. 

During the training you will review the basics of begin part of the BVA program, explore the match process through a case study and examples of other BVA experiences and learn more about the specific needs and management differences of non-profit arts organizations.  Additionally you will meet the leaders of some of Rhode Island's dynamic arts and cultural community and hear about the vital role arts and culture play in our state's economy.

The next training will be held Tuesday, November 4th, Wednesday, November 5th, and Thursday, November 6th.  There is a small cost for the BVA training program of $40 that will cover training materials as well as a reception and dinner on Thursday evening.  LOCATION:  Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce, 1st Floor Conference Room, 30 Exchange Terrace, Providence. 


If you are interested in expanding your professional horizons, working with inspiring and passionate people, and opening yourself up to new networking opportunities through consulting with arts and cultural non-profit organizations, please call Tonya Langford at 401.521.5000 or email   


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