Broad Scope of Graphic Art: From Calligraphy to Photography

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How Has Graphic Art Influenced The 21st Century?
Graphic art is one of the most popular and highly developed art forms in the 21st century. Moreover, graphic art has become a crucial medium when it comes to the Internet. For instance, the origin of every website is due to computer programming and graphic design. In addition, graphic design is responsible for storefronts, typography, magazine layouts, newspaper type and much more. It is one of the most indispensable forms of art in the modern world. This Read more…

Creating Portraits Using the Abstract Art Form

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As an artist, you are always finding new ways to express yourself and your ideas. When most people think of portraiture, they think of traditionally staged photographs or paintings. However, portraits can also be created using the abstract art form.
Every artist and art lover has their own preferences when it comes to style. If you have been wanting to try your hand at abstract art, creating portraits is an interesting way to start.
First, it is important to remember that abstract art seeks to capture the essence of a person instead of Read more…

What is the Graphic Arts Guild

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The Graphic Artists Guild, or Graphic Arts Guild, is a membership-based organization for creative artists interested in developing fulfilling careers in some area of the graphic arts industry. Members may be graphic artists, interactive design artists, webs developers and programmers, animators, or illustrators. Some are students interested in entering the graphic arts workforce in the future, while others are professionals already working the field.

Membership in the Graphic Artists Guild gives creative artists access to information related to the field Read more…

The Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Art

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People often get confused in the art world about what defines “Modern” art as opposed to what defines “Contemporary” art. Although the word modern denotes a recent timeframe in most situations, the Modernist era of art actually occurred many years ago, from about 1890-1960! Contemporary art, on the other hand, has only been around in the past 10-20 years.

The Modernism period included other periods. The Fauvism, Expressionism, Impressionism and Pop Art movements all occurred during Modernism. A Read more…

Make it your business to protect your home

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Many business owners are almost fanatical about the need to keep their businesses properly insured against any conceivable risk. When they go home for the night, however, they spend their time in a place that is much less protected against risk than they suppose. Of course homeowner’s policies offer blanket coverage for all sorts of different risks and hazards, but most homeowners tend to regard their policies as something that they sign up for and then never think about again.

Unfortunately, as construction costs continue to appreciate and liability protection remains constant, a gap can emerge between the two. This could potentially leave a homeowner far short of the protection he truly requires and no doubt believes he already possesses. The solution to this dilemma is to treat your home in the same way as you treat your business.

There are two basic ways to go about this. The first is to simply sign up for a comprehensive replacement cost policy that will restore your property regardless of what it costs. In this case, it is important to make sure that the policy covers your home and all of its improvements as it exists today and not as it existed twenty years ago before you built the guest cottage and finished the basement.

The other method of applying business sense is to ask your agent to perform a homeowner’s insurance review. Let him come out and check that you are properly insured. You are not obligated to take his recommendations, but it helps to have a professional consultant’s opinion when it comes time to make financial decisions.

Regardless of which avenue you choose, it only makes sense to treat your home and family with the same protective care that you offer to your business premises and employees.

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Classic Art Reproductions: Better than Prints

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When a person begins looking into ways to make an investment, he may look to invest in pieces of artwork. If the person is wanting to get into art investment, but doesn’t quite have the large amount of excess funds, it may be difficult for him to purchase some of the pieces of art he may desire. This is where the best news comes in; there is such a thing as a classic art reproduction which Read more…

Some of the Strangest Sculpting Materials Ever Used

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Art is a wonderful thing, and sculpture is a wonderful facet of art. True art is an extension of the artist. And since there is no limit to the imagination of the human spirit, the materials used by the artist also have no limit.

A sculpture is a physical, three-dimensional object that portrays an object, real or imagined. The materials that are used in a sculpture seem to know no boundary.

Today we can be dazzled by the likeness of a runner in motion that is made entirely of green glass. The glass is placed in such a way Read more…

Are Art Prints a Sound Investment

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The other day I was talking to a friend of mine, and we were discussing purchasing some art to decorate our living spaces. We got into the discussion if we should look for originals, or turn our focus towards a print of an original. Art prints can be a solid investment, but there are a few categories you need to watch for to provide a sound investment: limited edition prints, lithographs, and serigraphs.

First, limited edition prints are a type Read more…

Using Carving, Casting, and Modeling to Create Sculptures

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Three are three popular methods to create a sculpture: carving, casting, and modeling.

Carving is usually done on wood but it can also be done on stone. There are many different types of wood, but this can be broken down into soft and hard woods. Pine is a popular softwood for carving, and oak and basswood are popular hardwoods.

For stone carving, the more popular types of stone are: limestone, soapstone, marble, and granite. Each type of stone has its unique properties, such as hardness and softness.

The tools used Read more…

Digital Photography: A Modern Style of Art

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Do you remember the first time you stood in an art gallery? Try to remember the way the felt when you first laid eyes on beautiful work of art. Throughout history art has been an integral part of human civilization. From carvings to sculptures and everything in between; has allowed humans to expose inner beauty to the rest of society. In recent times, digital photography has empowered individuals to capture the awe of art in Read more…